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Forrester’s Total Economic Impact Study
of CloudBlue running on Microsoft Azure

127% ROI over 3 years

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The purpose of Forrester’s TEI study is to provide a framework to evaluate the potential financial impact of CloudBlue running on Microsoft Azure. Learn more about each quantified benefit by clicking on the links below.


Service providers can utilize the CloudBlue commerce platform to grow their cloud business at a lower cost than they could by developing their own solution. According to a recent Total Economic Impact (TEI) study by Forrester, CloudBlue customers can expect a favorable ROI of 127% with total benefits of $10.8 million from cost savings and increased revenues over three years.

$6M Net Present Value

Payback < 3 months

$0 Spent on Hardware, Database, OS License, Maintenance

Faster time-to-market and revenue

Faster time-to-market
and revenue

You can quickly release new products and services to your customers while increasing your time to revenue with CloudBlue. This capability was calculated to have a present value (PV) of $3.1 million over three years while cutting out 4 months in an organization’s time-to-market.

Greater go-to-market savings

Greater go-to-market savings

You can receive a broad scope of advisory, professional, managed, and monetization services that accelerate your go-to-market timeline. An organization that takes advantage of these services can potentially see a three-year PV of $2.2 million rather than spending more than 500k to do it themselves.

Reduce customer churn

Reduce customer churn

You can grow and retain customers, reducing churn, through the features and functionality of the CloudBlue platform. The composite organization used in the study saw a 5% reduction in customer turn in Year 1, 7% in Year 2, and 9% in Year 3, resulting in a three-year risk-adjusted total PV of $3.5 million.

Retain more of your resources

Retain more of your resources

You can save valuable resources by leveraging the CloudBlue Connect Module and Back-Office API Integrations. This saved organizations from adding 2.5 to 5 FTE developers. In addition to other saving segments, the study calculated the total savings amounted to a three-year PV of $2 million.

It is so much more than just cost savings and increased revenues. You can achieve these key business goals with CloudBlue:

Scale your aaS cloud business without increasing headcount or complicating your subscription management processes

Transition seamlessly from selling only one solution to multiple offerings

Discover new, innovative vendor solutions to add to your portfolio

Launch new solutions and services at break neck

Establish new partnerships to bridge competency or skill gaps, particularly with new digital technologies such as IoT and artificial intelligence

“You design it once on Azure, and you’re able to spin up multiple UAT (user acceptance testing), test, and customer environments in a very quick, simple manner, allowing us to achieve faster time-to-market and associated revenues.”

“Moving to Microsoft Azure on the CloudBlue platform increased our flexibility and speed-to-market. We also were able to have multiple disaster recovery (DR) sites worldwide with Azure.”

“CloudBlue represents the aggregation, provisioning, and content layer, and Microsoft Azure represents consistent compliance and control across a portfolio of services, with a wide-ranging geographical presence.”

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